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Burj Khalifa
How about going to the highest floor of the world's tallest building and clicking a selfie while the city of Dubai glitters below? Burj Khalifa has become the very face of Dubai. The splendid building towering up to a height of 829.8 metres is certainly a wonder to behold! Burj Khalifa has 163 floors and has surpassed the Eiffel Tower and Empire Building to become the tallest of the world. Here is a 'must-do' activity while in Burj Khalifa, a tour to the observation deck at the 124th floor of the gigantic building. You might have the best experience of your life at that height watching the stunning city lights as though you were a bird high up in the sky.The 829-metre tall building is the world’s tallest building and ‘gem of Dubai’. The splendid architecture, situated in the Downtown of Dubai is the prime attraction of the Middle East. 163rd floored tower was inaugurated on 4th January 2010. The tower adorns the city with its outstanding craftsmanship and engineering and meticulous union of art. Standing on one of its observation deck visitors can have a bird’s eye view of whole Dubai city. To capture the best and fascinating beauty of the skyscraper, visit the tower during evenings as the building will be illuminated with different colours. The tower boasts of its longest and fastest running elevator. One would get virtual travel time views beyond and below the Burj Khalifa through special telescopes installed in the observation deck. On the 76th level, one could find the world’s highest swimming pool. People can also have a wonderful dining experience on the 148th floor. Visitors can visit the gigantic tower on any days in the week. Irrespective of age, entry pass is applicable to all visitors.
Dubai Aquarium
The Dubai Aquarium gains more and more admirers throughout the world with every passing year. Dubai Aquarium is one of the major attractions of Dubai City. The huge tanks located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall houses around 140 species of aquatic life. The reflection of the clear blue water falls on you while you gaze at the amazing marine life in the humungous aquarium. You could even walk through the tunnels in the aquariums when you visit the Underwater Zoo. Moreover, there are many activities like glass boat rides, cage snorkelling etc. that aquarium offers.Dubai Aquarium located inside Dubai Mall is the world’s largest aquarium. The 10 million litre tank is home to more than 1000 marine species. Sand shark tiger is the eye-catching marine creature of the tank and the aquarium has the largest collection of it in the world. This mesmerising world is inhabited by rays, sharks, and myriad other vibrant aquatic creatures that will make the visitors squeal in delight. The mall also hosts underwater zoo. The zoo is sheltered to various mammoth and rare aquatic creatures. Don’t think that the aquarium is only for watching marine life, it offers various adventure events like cage snorkelling, glass-bottomed boat rides, shark dives etc. Dubai Mall also hosts an underwater zoo where one could find Piranha, Humboldt Penguin, African Dwarf Crocodile, and so many more creatures. Visitors can have a 270-degree view of the aquarium by walking through a 48-metre underwater tunnel lying at the base of the aquarium. The basic ticket rate for visiting the aquarium is AED125 and it is open to visitors on all days.
Dubai Museum
The Dubai Museum can be seen in the Al Fahidi Fort. The Fort was built in the 18th century to defend the Dubai Creek. The walls are constructed using traditional coral blocks and lime. The courtyard of the fort exhibits many traditional style boats and a house with an Emirati Tower. You could see a range of sophisticated weaponry on the right side of the hall and Emirati musical instruments. There are display halls below the ground floor that showcases various traditional Emirati artefacts and excavated items from 4,000-year-old graves at Al Qusais. Dubai Museum is positioned in the Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai. The visitors of the museum will get a chance to get the integral knowledge of the ancient history of Dubai and civilizations. One could find rare authentic monuments, drawings and diagrams, original samples, audio and video media are displayed on various wings of the museum. The museum has a monuments wing, which displays antique monuments like weapons, pottery, buildings, tombs and urban communities. The wings of the Dubai Museum display various cultural and traditional differences between the past and the present. People then can compare the developments and lifestyle of present people with the past. Apart from these, there is a weapon wing, folklore wing and Old Dubai fortification wing in the museum. In the centre of Fahidi Fort, one could find models of local bamboo houses with their traditional furniture and boats.
Dubai Creek
The traditional Dhows sailing on the Dubai Creek is quite a sight to watch. The turquoise blue waterway separates Dubai city into Deira in the North and Bur Dubai in the South. The role of this creek in the growth of Dubai is cannot be explained by mere words. The immense presence of fishing and pearl diving resources have led to an increase in settlements in the area. Such progress had a big role in the growth of Dubai. Cruise the creek via one of the traditional dhows and enjoy the beauty of the sprawling waterway. Dubai creek is a saltwater creek mainly divides two districts of Dubai namely, Deira and Bur Dubai. Here one could see the wind towers, traditional style wooden dhows, old-style markets and etc. The traditional old markets sell golden ornaments, leather goods, perfumes and various other items. Across the creek, one could sense the aroma from various spices and the perfumes. Bastakiya village and its amazing windy old towers and souqs of gold, spices and textiles, the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary- a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers, Al Fahidi Fort and museum are the other major attractions of Dubai creek. To enjoy the real beauty of Dubai, one should definitely visit the man-made creek.
Dubai Miracle Garden
The Miracle Garden is another gem of Dubai city. The garden is spread over 72000m2 of land. While visiting the Miracle garden one could not only find 109 millions of flowers such as petunias, sunflowers, marigolds, and geraniums in the garden but also large collection of varieties of butterflies. The other most highlighting feature of the garden is it was inaugurated on a valentine’s day in the year 2013. Flowers in the garden are arranged in an array of vertical and horizontal landscaping designs that paves an elegant look to the viewers. Within a short period of time, the garden has earned several accolades. Though the garden is open throughout the year, it is better to visit the place from November to May. Because all the flowers bloom during this period.
Wild Wadi Water Park
Wild Wadi Water theme park is situated in the front of Burj Al Arab. The water theme park is themed on a famous Arabian folkloric character called, Juha. All the 23 aquatic rides in the park are open for travellers of all ages. Among the several rides, Jumeirah Sceirah is the highest free water slide outside the USA. It is the foremost attraction of the park. Adventurous people can try out the jet rides inside the park. After getting tired of trying various rides visitors can treat your hunger pangs in any of the 3 popular restaurants inside the park. The water park boasts of its world-famous Burj Surje slide, it has only 2 bowls. Don’t think about any kind of insecurity in the park. As the park has won several awards for safety and quality.
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