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Dubai Aquarium-Mesmerising moments with aquatic creatures

The Dubai Aquarium gains more and more admirers throughout the world with every passing year. Dubai Aquarium is one of the major attractions of Dubai City. The huge tanks located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall houses around 140 species of aquatic life. The reflection of the clear blue water falls on you while you gaze at the amazing marine life in the humungous aquarium. You could even walk through the tunnels in the aquariums when you visit the Underwater Zoo. Moreover, there are many activities like glass boat rides, cage snorkelling etc. that aquarium offers.Dubai Aquarium located inside Dubai Mall is the world’s largest aquarium. The 10 million litre tank is home to more than 1000 marine species. Sand shark tiger is the eye-catching marine creature of the tank and the aquarium has the largest collection of it in the world. This mesmerising world is inhabited by rays, sharks, and myriad other vibrant aquatic creatures that will make the visitors squeal in delight. The mall also hosts underwater zoo. The zoo is sheltered to various mammoth and rare aquatic creatures. Don’t think that the aquarium is only for watching marine life, it offers various adventure events like cage snorkelling, glass-bottomed boat rides, shark dives etc. Dubai Mall also hosts an underwater zoo where one could find Piranha, Humboldt Penguin, African Dwarf Crocodile, and so many more creatures. Visitors can have a 270-degree view of the aquarium by walking through a 48-metre underwater tunnel lying at the base of the aquarium. The basic ticket rate for visiting the aquarium is AED125 and it is open to visitors on all days.
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